Naidu targets bureaucrat and taunts Amaravati voters

There is a difference between taking part in an agitation for a public cause and making the agitation personal about an individual. Former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu blurred the line when he decided to target retired bureaucrat G Nageswara Rao, whose report on the capitals is at the heart of the three capitals controversy. 

“Who is this GN Rao? He was a useless officer. He worked as Collector in this (Guntur) district. He was a useless Collector and I told him that he was unfit to be the Collector,” said Naidu during the protest in Amaravati. This is the second time Naidu has taken on Rao in the last two weeks.  

While Naidu is well within his rights to ask if Rao had the credentials as an urban development expert to present a report on development of a state capital, to label him as “useless” and “unfit to be collector” smacks of a feudal mindset. The Telugu Desam chief should remember he is fighting a political battle where to take on the foot soldiers does not behove a leader who has been chief minister for 14 years. 

Naidu also blamed the people of Amaravati who are protesting for over two weeks now against the proposed decision to move the administrative capital to Visakhapatnam, for not reacting when the Praja Vedika adjacent to his home was demolished or when the YSRCP government made efforts to get him evicted from his rented residence. 

“You thought it was my personal problem. Now when Jaganmohan Reddy has decided to dump Amaravati, you are worried,” he taunted them. 

Naidu did not miss the opportunity to remind the voters of Amaravati that he had warned the people of Andhra Pradesh against voting the YSRCP to power. 

“You ignored my warning and voted Jagan to power. You have made a mistake and are now asking me to fight on your behalf. I told you not to touch a livewire. But you did and are now feeling the shock,” said the TDP president. Naidu’s son, Nara Lokesh had himself lost from Mangalagiri assembly constituency, that falls within the Amaravati capital region. 

GN Rao (in coat) presenting the committee report to YS Jaganmohan Reddy

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