Opposition attempts to stall NEET and JEE. Will it succeed?

Will the effort of the seven non-BJP chief ministers – from Maharashtra, Bengal, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand – to stall the NEET and JEE succeed? With a proposal to move the Supreme Court and also petition the President, the Congress and Mamata Banerjee-led opposition is championing the cause of the JEE and NEET aspirants.

With 25 lakh aspirants for both exams, the non-BJP parties are looking to tap into the gen-next vote that will reveal its mind for the first time in the 2024 elections. 

Will it work? With a clear cut judgement already delivered by the Supreme Court on 17 August, it does not look likely that the judges will take an entirely different position.

BJP spokespersons have made it clear that the two entrance exams will be conducted. In fact, with the opposition making it a big issue, even the little chance that the ruling party may reconsider its decision, has vanished. Now it has become a political issue. 

Filter Kaapi believes in telling the facts and placing a premium on accuracy. Over the past one month, it has been consistent in putting two facts on the table – the inside news from the NTA and the Education ministry on what it plans to do with the exams. It has always emphasised the point that exams have to be conducted in the most safe environment possible, whenever they are conducted – now or later. Filter Kaapi does not believe in clickbait headlines, fake news, telling students only what they want to hear in order to mischievously mislead them. Nor can it be threatened or bribed by anyone. No one can dare do that. 

Each one of Filter Kaapi’s news about what the decision of the government will be, has been proven correct. At no stage, we said what the government was doing is absolutely correct but it was our duty to tell you, keep you informed about what is likely to happen. 

Two days back, in a video, Filter Kaapi had spoken about how the opposition states will not cooperate with the exam process. That prospect is very real now. These parties in different states may want to score a political point but if they fail to provide transportation facilities to the students and ensure police presence outside exam centres to regulate the crowds, they will only be harming the cause of its own students.

Let us not play politics over the interests of students – both BJP and non-BJP parties. The governments in these seven states should not abdicate their primary duty. 

Education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has based his argument in favour of conduct of exams on the fact that a majority of students have downloaded their admit cards. This is not the first time this argument is being put forth. The counsel for the Karnataka government had made exactly the same point in the Karnataka High court, while arguing for the conduct of the Karnataka Common Entrance Test. That exam, you would recall, was allowed by the court. 

It is important for students and stakeholders to understand how decisions are taken, be informed young citizens instead of allowing themselves to be led up the garden path by vested interests. 

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  1. What will happen if the first jee get fail in following the sop..and they fail to maintain the social distance. Then they cannot argue anymore. If that things happen then the government may try to rethink their actions. And stop the jee.


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