Andhra Pradesh

After a movie role, Andhra Pradesh Deputy CM now embraces TikTok

Pushpa Sreevani taking a group selfie with YS Jagan and other YSRCP women MLAs

Andhra Pradesh Deputy chief minister P Pushpa Srivani clearly believes in exploring different avenues to express herself. After acting in a movie, now the Tribal welfare minister has decided to embrace Tiktok as well.

The politician from north coastal Andhra Pradesh has lip synced to a foot-tapping number extolling the virtues of her leader Jaganmohan Reddy in a tiktok video that has now gone viral. Earlier she had acted in a Telugu movie `Amrutha Bhoomi’ to highlight the importance of organic farming. Pushpa played the role of a teacher and had shot for the movie in her home district of Vizianagaram. 

How does one see Pushpa taking to Tiktok? This comes at a time when government officials in different parts of the country have invited disciplinary action for shooting Tiktok videos while at work. So should Pushpa be censured for using Tiktok as a medium to sing paeans to her leader?

At the same time, governments across the country including the Centre have been nudging ministers and bureaucrats to use social media to propagate their work. So if Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram are acceptable forms of social media, why should Tiktok be frowned upon? As long as anyone in a responsible position is not indulging in anything frivolous, any vehicle to propagate government or party narrative should be acceptable. After all, there is a limit to how much can anyone police use of social media.

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