Pakistani criticism of Priyanka Chopra was dumb

The criticism of Priyanka Chopra by a Pakistani woman has to go down as very silly. At an event in the US, Priyanka was accused of encouraging nuclear war against her country. 

Ayesha Malik, the member in the audience questioned Priyanka’s role as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador in the context of her tweet on 26 February where she was interpreted as having congratulated the Indian Air Force after Indian fighter jets attacked the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camp in Balakot in Pakistan.

Most thought Priyanka handled it well, responding that she is not fond of war but she is patriotic. There was some criticism from those who thought Priyanka was a tad too smug in her response.

First of all, tweeting `Jai Hind’ is not the equivalent of encouraging nuclear war. It symbolises pride and patriotism. It is not some password for the nukes to take off and land on a Pakistani habitation. One can be sure the Indian nukes have passwords but surely they would not be so predictable ! 

Two, Pakistan did not acknowledge that such an air strike had taken place. On the contrary, Pakistan kept spreading the canard that it had downed an Indian aircraft. So what is Ms Malik even talking about, if she believes her country’s political establishment. Of course, it is a different matter if she is accusing them of lying.

Three, the air strike was on terror launchpads. It was NOT on Pakistan. Ms Malik tweeted that Priyanka should advise her Prime minister that “we should be neighbours and love each other”. Maybe you should advise your PM to do the same so that the terror network operating in Pakistan does not do a Pulwama. 

Four, it is Pakistan that has created a situation where the two neighbours have to spend enormous amounts on defence. Stop the terror fountain and the two countries can replace terror with trade so that both economies, specifically Pakistan’s, can flourish.

So stop hitting at soft targets like Priyanka Chopra. Being a UN Goodwill ambassador does not mean she cannot be patriotic or say Jai Hind. 

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