MIM MLA beats up employee, victim says it was for his good

A powerful politician beats up another man. The latter begs for mercy but none is shown. The video of the assault is circulated widely on Whatsapp. Soon another video surfaces this time from the victim. He says it was good that the politician beat him up and says he did nothing wrong.

Truth or farce? But this is precisely what happened in Hyderabad.

An undated video of AIMIM MLA from Karwan constituency in Hyderabad, Kausar Mohiuddin was circulated in which he is seen hitting a man named Sarwar Ahmed with a stick while the latter is pleading with him to stop. Others in the room are heard laughing even as reference is made to the man’s drinking habit. 

This video went viral and the lawmaker belonging to Asaduddin Owaisi’s party was criticised for his highhanded behaviour. Soon came a confession video of Sarwar Ahmed, talking about how he was drunk and picking up quarrels with people. He admitted to have borrowed money from the legislator and blown it up to drink. 

“If he hit me, it is for my wellbeing. I am like his son,” said Sarwar Ahmed who said he worked with Mohiuddin for the last ten years. In the 2-min long video, he kept repeating himself, reiterating how the MLA helped him and his family financially.

Whether Ahmed recorded the video under duress is not known but what it does is to normalise such behaviour. Ideally if Ahmed had a drinking addiction issue, he should have been counselled by a professional counseller. The MLA should have got him admitted to a deaddiction centre instead of trying to scare him into giving up drinking

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