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BJP starts admission process in Telangana

G Vivek who has fallen out of favour with the TRS, has finally joined the BJP. The saffron party had seen the entry of four senior Rajya Sabha MPs from Andhra Pradesh but Telangana where it feels it is on a stronger wicket, had not seen any big ticket leaders embracing it after the elections. Before the polls, Jitender Reddy from the TRS and DK Aruna from the Congress, both from Mahbubnagar district, had joined the BJP.

One reason for that is the TRS has virtually emptied out the Congress and the Telugu Desam in Telangana. So unless any of the migrants is really unhappy in the TRS, there is not much valuable catch left in the Telangana political pond.

As far as the Congress leaders are concerned, they are used to occupying posts in the party executive which is invariably jumbo in nature. It is but natural that they come expecting the same in the BJP but the Telangana unit may not be able to accommodate the entrants with fancy designations. 

But the BJP is keen to catch fish even if the leaders have lost much of their utility and are reduced to clout only in their constituencies or at best, in the district. 

“It helps build a narrative. It creates a charcha that BJP is being sought after as a party in Telangana,” says Krishnasagar Rao, BJP spokesperson.

While D Srinivas is a certainty to join the BJP at some point in time given that his son Arvind is already a BJP MP from Nizamabad, Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy, Congress MLA is looking to jump ship. But since he does not wish to lose his legislator post, he is waiting for the Congress to expel him for anti-party activities. Vijayashanti who moved from BJP to TRS to Congress could be another leader who could be wooed to do a ghar waapsi. 

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