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Manmadhudu2 get a thumbs down FDFS, memes have a field day

Manmadhudu 2 failed to impress. That seems to be the overwhelming response of those who saw the movie FDFS. Nagarjuna’s move to look 30, going on 60 and play the loverboy did not set the box office on fire. It ended up looking like a boring tale of a playboy with commitment issues. 

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Usually an aggressive marketing campaign is the first indication that the producers of the movie are a bit unsure about the content of the film. Manmadhudu 2 ticked the promotion box rather strongly, with Nagarjuna leading the way, selling the movie as one of the most entertaining from his stable in three decade long career.

It suffered from an issue straightaway – being compared to Manmadhudu. Even though the two movies had nothing in common, the fact that Manmadhudu was a much loved film, made the Number 2 pale in comparison that much more. 

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Many viewers took to trolling Chinmayi, wife of director Rahul Ravindran, for the liplock scene between Rakul and Jhansi in the movie.

Most critics and viewers gave not more than 2/5, with a majority sticking to 1 to 1.5/5. That is disaster in numericals.

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