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Why Mahesh Babu fans are turning farmers

At a success function of `Maharshi’, Mahesh Babu did something that is now breaking the internet. He raised his collar, his way of showing his appreciation to director Vamshi Paidipally.

“At Maharshi’s pre-release event, Vamshi said that my fans and my father’s fans will raise their collar after watching Maharshi. My fans have already raised their collar and it’s my turn now,” said Mahesh, in a rare moment of showing his emotions in public. 

Mahesh is raising the collar not so much for the box office success of his 25th movie but what the impact it is having on the field, literally. The film talks about the concept of weekend farming and that has inspired many to take up the #AgricultureChallenge. 

One of the reasons `Maharshi’ has touched a chord also is because both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have a high incidence of farmer suicides, along with Maharashtra and Karnataka. “Farmers do not need sympathy, they need our respect” is the popular line from the film. 

#WeekendAgriculture is now trending on social media with several people posting their pictures, getting their hands dirty in the field over the weekend.

Incidentally, Mahesh’s film `Srimanthudu’ too had a similar social message about returning to your roots. Mahesh had adopted a village in Mahbubnagar district around the same time. 

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