Congress ka haath, mukka-laat ke saath

Trust politicians to make every protest about themselves than the cause. On Saturday, leaders and cadre of all opposition parties in Telangana – Congress, Telugu Desam, Telangana Jana Samiti, Jana Sena and the CPI – assembled at Dharna Chowk in Hyderabad to protest against the government’s handling of the Intermediate results.

Also present were the parents of over 20 students who have committed suicide since 18 April when the results were declared. A subsequent probe revealed technical issues with the way the results were computed in a number of cases. 

An argument taking place between V Hanumantha Rao and Nagesh
Nagesh gets pushed down the dais as others try to stop the quarrel

But despite the presence of several leaders including Prof Kodandaram (TJS), RC Khuntia (AICC Telangana incharge), Anjan Kumar Yadav (former Congress MP), L Ramana (TDP) on the dais, the protest meeting degenerated into a war of words between senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao and spokesperson M Nagesh.

The brawl broke out because Nagesh wanted to occupy a chair on the dais in the front row just when Rao was about to address the gathering. Rao objected and a slanging match ensued, with the two leaders jostling and pushing each other. Things got worse with Nagesh catching Rao by the collar and pulling him down from the dais. (See pic below)

What exactly were the Congress leaders thinking? Was this the place and occasion to indulge in this sort of ego battles? While the manner in which the TRS government has handled the tragedy leaves much to be desired, the Congress demonstrated it is no good to take up the public’s cause. The loser is the citizen of Telangana. 

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