pawan kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s reaction to Disha gangrape-murder provokes political outrage

Given the extremely combative nature of Andhra Pradesh politics, everytime Pawan Kalyan speaks, it hits the headlines. The latest is the Jana Sena chief reacting on the Disha gangrape and murder in Hyderabad. 
In Tirupati, Pawan Kalyan advocated that any man found guilty of harassing a girl should be caned, till his flesh came off. The Powerstar’s point was that people did not have the right to take another man’s life. 

“Some say they should be lynched. A judge in Delhi suggested that the private parts of the culprits should be chopped off. What I would like to ask is why do you people react so extremely. If a woman goes out and comes home by evening and if something happens to her, the person responsible for it should be caned twice so hard that his skin rips off. Today what people say is to hang them till death in public. We should remember that we do not have the right to kill a person,” said Pawan. 

Such an opinion would have been accepted as a more moderate (compared to the extreme views) and reasonable point of view. But the problem was that Pawan had articulated a different point of view earlier. That recording was put out in the public domain by the YSRCP, to expose Pawan’s doublespeak. 

Pawan had then spoken of an instance from his childhood when a local thug had pulled his elder sister by her arm. He spoke about how no one came to her rescue and she came home crying. 

“I was so infuriated and in a fit of rage, I went into the kitchen in search of a knife and I wanted to kill them instantly,” recalled Pawan.

The question therefore being asked is how could Pawan Kalyan have divergent viewpoints to a similar act of violence against a woman. On social media, Pawan fans reasoned that “caning” is as severe a punishment. 

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