Andhra Pradesh

Nara Lokesh alleges YSRCP conspiracy to flood Naidu home

Conspiracy theories have a field day in Andhra Pradesh. Not surprising given the trust deficit between the ruling YSR Congress and the opposition Telugu Desam. 

Chandrababu Naidu’s son and former Andhra Pradesh IT minister, Nara Lokesh has now alleged that boats were deliberately stuck inside the gates of Prakasam Barrage in Vijayawada to prevent water from flowing out, thereby causing flooding upstream. That’s where Chandrababu Naidu’s home is located in Undavalli and water levels started rising in the Krishna river.

“See how the YSRCP leaders conspired to bring flood waters to Chandrababu Naidu’s house. Boats lined at the barrage gates,” tweeted Lokesh. He told Filter Kaapi that four boats had been employed for the purpose.

“They tried to sink few boats to stop the water from passing through the gates. Now they are coming out of the gates due to the speed of the water flow. The intention was to submerge Naidu’s house by increasing the water level upstream of Prakasam barrage,” said a spokesperson for Nara Lokesh.

Lokesh has also questioned how drones were permitted to take pictures of Naidu’s residence given that he is a Z category protectee. The TDP general secretary says Naidu’s safety is at risk as a result of these moves, which he suggests have been done with the consent of the state government. The pictures were distributed by the YSR Congress party to show that there was a flood threat to Naidu’s home.

Lokesh told Filter Kaapi that the TDP will lodge a complaint with the Andhra Pradesh DGP on the security breach.

Lokesh has maintained that no law has been broken by the Lingamaneni group in constructing the guest house on the Krishna river bank. He told Filter Kaapi that the house is at a distance from the river. 

The government hit by saying that the drones had been deployed for aerial 
survey to assess the flood situation. 

“Many parts of the Karakatta region across Krishna river were inundated with an increase in inflows from the upstream. It is the responsibility of the government to evacuate people and send them to safer places,” said Anil Kumar Yadav, Irrigation minister.

Taking on Lokesh on the issue of no threat to the Naidu residence, Yadav asked, “If they thought water would not enter the house, why would they place sand bags on the embankment to the house.”

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