At the movies

KCR wants to turn film producer

Filmstars-turned-politicians are common. Politicians who occasionally do a role in film are to be seen these days. But a chief minister who wishes to turn a film producer is unheard of.

That’s precisely what K Chandrasekhar Rao wants to do. On Sunday, the Telangana chief minister drove down to Indian cinema legend, K Viswanath to request him to direct one more movie. Vishwanath, a Dadasaheb Phalke awardee, National award winner and the maker of classics like Shankarabharanam and Swathi Muthyam has not directed a movie since 2010. KCR offered to handle the production of the film if the 89-year-old Viswanath agreed to wield the megaphone once again. 

“I am your fan. I loved your films since my childhood. I saw each and every film that you have made. I watched Shankarabharanam film for about 25 times. Your films can be watched by the entire family sitting together. This is precisely the reason why I watch your films even today whenever I find the time. You have not made any film for the past ten years. Now a days we are not getting good films which are message-oriented. You have to make a film again. If you agree to make the film with the help of your assistants, I am ready to take care of the production. Please make a plan for this,” the chief minister requested Viswanath.

Viswanath was visibly pleased with the VIP visitor and pointed out that he is the second CM to have visited him.

“Once Tamil Nadu chief minister MGR came to my house and now you have graced my home for which I am happy,” said the actor-director.

While Viswanath did not commit himself to the movie offer, he did point out issues with his health. 

“My health is fine. But I have knee joints pain. Doctors say they will perform the replacement operation but I am scared of operation. I am scared of hospitals. Even in my films I never put hospital scenes. I am scared of watching blood. Then how will I undergo operation? I will continue and manage like this,” said Viswanath. 

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