Hyderabad chain-snatching case cracked in 18 hours

In a state of shock after a biker snatched her gold chain, Anasuya had given up hope of retrieving the ornament. It was therefore a surprise when in 18 hours, the Hyderabad police was able to crack the case and arrest the two bikers involved in the chain-snatching and the man who allegedly had masterminded the operation. 

It was around 9:45 am on Saturday that Anasuya’s chain was snatched when she was walking back home along with her relative when the two bikers took her by surprise. The incident took place in DD Colony in Amberpet. Luckily for the police, the incident was captured on CCTV

But the chain snatchers had tried to cover their tracks by riding a bike without a registration plate. As soon as they snatched the chain, they moved into a narrow lane where the pillion rider changed his shirt. 

But the duo committed one mistake. The pillion rider had not covered his face with a helmet or a mask. So when the CCTV images were enhanced and the pictures sent to every police station in Hyderabad, Amarnath, a constable in Malakpet police station recognised the pillion rider. He was identified as Manoj Kumar and when he was picked up, he led the police to the other two conspirators. 

While Harsha Joshi who rode the bike is unemployed, the pillion rider Manoj Kumar and Thakur Ashwin Singh, the person who hatched the plan worked as food delivery boys. 

“The three have not been involved in any crime before according to the information available with us so far,” says Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Hyderabad police. “But now as a result of this, they will not get a passport or a visa or a government job all their life. They will realise the implications of this misplaced enthusiasm once they go to jail. The youth should know that with technology, no crime will go undetected. It is only a matter of time.”

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