Bollywood’s space `scientists’ hail Chandrayaan2

Even as the entire nation was glued to television sets watching the live feed of the Chandrayaan 2 launch from Sriharikota on Doordarshan, the first reactions came from the Hindi film industry. What was common to the actors who congratulated ISRO? All of them were space `scientists’.

Among the first was Akshay Kumar who plays the lead scientist at ISRO in the movie `Mission Mangal’ due to release on 15 August. This is the film that will capture India’s Mars Orbiter Mission to the Red planet.ย 

Vidya Balan and Taapsee Pannu who play Akshay’s colleagues in `Mission Mangal’ also tweeted in. They are part of the women team that put MOM into space.ย 

A hurrah came ISRO’s way from NASA as well. Shahrukh Khan who played Mohan Bhargava, a project manager at NASA in the 2004 movie `Swades’ referred to one of the movie songs `chaand taare tod laoon, saari duniya par main chhaoon’ in his tweet.ย 

Madhavan who is essaying the role of Dr Nambi Narayanan in a movie on the ISRO spy case in which the scientist was falsely implicated also weighed in.

The non-scientist in the group was actor Prabhas. He celebrated because the GSLV MK III which is the vehicle to take India to the moon has been christened `Baahubali’, the character Prabhas played in the two-part movie.

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