Will this rejected cricketer move from CSK to IPL?

Life has been 3D for Ambati Rayudu, in a cruel way. Because if you examine the selections before and during India’s World Cup campaign, Ambati Rayudu has been rejected and dejected thrice. First when the Indian team was selected, when he was overlooked in favour of Vijay Shankar. Then when opener Shikhar Dhawan got injured and KL Rahul was to move up the batting order, it opened up space at number 4. But instead of Rayudu, a specialist number 4, wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant was called to England.

Then when the man who booked a berth ahead of him, Vijay Shankar was injured, Rayudu was once again ignored in favour of opening batsman Mayank Agarwal.

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It is not just cricket fans in India who are watching the developments closely. Someone close to England too is. The Cricket Board of Iceland, the most sparsely populated country in Europe at 3.58 lakh, has reached out to Rayudu. Though the invite looked suspicious through a tweet, it was cheeky, just like Rayudu’s 3D jibe directed at the Indian selectors who had described Shankar as a 3D cricketer. 

“Come join us Ambati. We love the Rayudu things,” read the tweet, reminding him to put away his 3D glasses since he will need only normal glasses to read the immigration document. 

Iceland is home to the IPL as well, Islensk Premier League but obviously it does not have the chutzpah of the Indian Premier League where Rayudu plays for the Chennai Super Kings.

But sorry, Iceland, you are getting it completely wrong. Rayudu’s dream was to play in the World Cup, not in the IPL in Reykjavik. If the IPL is what he is looking at, Iceland’s IPL cannot match up to the whistle podu madness of Chennai.

And if Iceland is suggesting Rayudu should look at playing the 2023 Cricket World Cup wearing an Iceland jersey, not sure if the country will qualify and whether at 37 which Rayudu will be in four years, he will fancy his chances in the big stage of the World Cup.

So unless it was a joke, Rayudu is likely to just say thankyou for the invite. “But no, thankyou.” 

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