Cycle on top of water in Siddipet

Want to have the thrill of zip cycling over a mass of water? Then head to Komati Cheruvu in Siddipet, 105 km north of Hyderabad where this adventure sport has been introduced. Siddipet happens to be the constituency of Harish Rao, former Irrigation minister of Telangana. Rao inaugurated this tourist facility on Wednesday. 

Harish Rao, MLA from Siddipet

G Sudarshan, the deputy Executive Engineer and incharge of the facility says this is the first zip cycling facility in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that has been created over water. The others, like the one at Botanical Garden in Hyderabad, are over land. 

“So this gives you more thrill, more enjoyment especially since there are people boating below in the lake you as you cycle on the zip,” says Sudarshan.

The distance of the zip is 139 metres and it approximately takes eight minutes to go from one end of the lake to the other and return. Harish Rao has instructed officials to subsidise the tariff and charge Rs 50 for a ride. 

The administration spent Rs 40 lakh for the project. Executed by Hyderabad-based company Freakouts Adventure Solutions Pvt Ltd, it says it has taken every precaution to keep the cyclists safe during the ride. 

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