Jaganmohan Reddy

Jagan : Nagarjuna House captain at HPS to CM of Andhra Pradesh

If and when the next chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy meets the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, it won’t be just another head of a state of the Indian Union meeting a top technocrat. It will also be the alumni of the Hyderabad Public School (HPS) in Begumpet in Hyderabad meeting each other, where Jagan would be the junior of the two.

HPS now has produced a second chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, the first being Kiran Kumar Reddy who was the last CM of united Andhra Pradesh between 2010 and 2014. Jagan studied from class 5 to 12, passing out in 1991 from HPS. What most of his peers remember about Jagan is that Nagarjuna House won the All-rounders trophy in 1991 under his captaincy. 

Jaganmohan Reddy in HPS uniform (Photo courtesy : Faiz Khan, HPS)

Aditya Reddy, the grandson of former Andhra CM Marri Chenna Reddy, was one year senior to Jagan and the Nagarjuna House captain before him. 

“He was a simple, humble guy and his father YSR garu was strict with him. What was striking about Jagan is that he knew how to make a win happen. He worked on fostering team spirit. He had this ability to organise activities and get everyone involved,” recalls Aditya Reddy.

Dhanraj Krishna, Co-founder of Auto Parts Hub agrees. 

“Our Nalanda House was expected to win the All-rounders trophy that year but Jagan managed it for his Nagarjuna House  against all odds. How he did it was remarkable. Points are given for how the primary school kids, the mid-section and the senior school students fare. He would spend time with the younger lot, motivate them to do well so that the House gained as a result,” says Dhanraj Krishna. 

Dhanraj was Jagan’s batchmate not only at HPS but even in college at Pragati Mahavidyalaya in Ramkote in Hyderabad, where the two did B.Com together. The two also went together to the same tuition classes for Accountancy and Statistics and even the same computer course. 

“A few things that I remember about Jagan is that he would never have an issue about sitting on the floor when our tuition Sir would occasionally take classes at his home instead of the regular classroom. Two, he never tucks his shirt in except the uniform at school. And three, he always reached out to students who came from rural areas and stayed in the hostel. He connected with them well,” recalls Dhanraj.

Those who know Jagan point out that he was always a confident boy and had leadership qualities. During his days as an entrepreneur, his nucleus remained the world of HPS and many of his business projects, be it in the power or the cement sector, were executed along with his friends from school.

Interestingly, YS Rajasekhara Reddy ensured a HPS branch was set up in Kadapa district in 2008 where 400 students study now.

“My son studied at HPS. I want the people in my district also to gain from the quality of HPS education,” he told Aditya Reddy who is associated with the HPS Trust. 

As Jagan takes over as CM on 30 May, he would do well to remember the HPS emblem, the eagle (Shaheen) which was selected for its ability to soar high and fly majestically while being synonymous with being watchful and vigilant.  

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