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Grandson Prajwal wants to quit as Hassan MP for grandpa Deve Gowda

The latest soap opera from the Deve Gowda Production House is set in Hassan. Starring Prajwal Revanna in the leading role, the script incorporated an unexpected twist on Friday, introducing a tearjerker moment. 

On Thursday, when the JD(S) citadel in south Karnataka along with the Congress, its alliance partner, was smashed to pieces all over the state, only Hassan came to the Gowda party. Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda’s grandson Prajwal Revanna was the only JD(S) candidate to win from Hassan. But less than 24 hours later, Prajwal has decided to resign

Why? Because Prajwal wants his grandfather who lost from Tumkur, to contest instead from Hassan and be victorious once again. Incidentally, Deve Gowda was the sitting MP from Hassan and he decided to move to Tumkur to ensure his grandson a safe debut. 

So basically, the JD(S) which is almost like a private limited party of the Gowdas wants to play musical chairs. The dining table plan will only waste taxpayer money so that the grandson can ensure the grandpa who celebrated his 87th birthday last week, does not feel hurt at his loss. 

In this election, Gowdas and his two grandsons were fielded as candidates. While Prajwal won, Gowda and the other grandson, Nikhil Kumaraswamy lost from Mandya. While Nikhil is chief minister HD Kumaraswamy’s son, Prajwal is Public Works minister HD Revanna’s son. 

What this indicates is that this newage politician does not feel any sense of responsibility towards the voters of Hassan who reposed their faith in him. His decision smacks of a dynastic sense of entitlement as if Hassan is a piece of feudal property that can be passed on between members of the family. If this is not disrespecting the people’s mandate, pray what else is. 

But those who know the Gowda family brand of politics, smirk at this political upmanship taking place between the two grandsons which explains their political arengetram (debut) at the same time. They say this is nothing but Prajwal’s way of endearing himself to his grandfather. 

It is quite likely that Gowda will reject the offer. But from Hassan’s perspective, if Prajwal is so disinterested in representing the constituency in Parliament, he should quit and leave. Hassan could do well without the HD family drama. 

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