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Will Narendra Modi smash this record on Thursday?

With the Exit polls not throwing up results in its favour, the opposition parties are naturally disheartened. But not everyone. A member of the Congress party in Telangana has gone back in history to conclude that #AayegaToModiHi will not happen.  

Why? Because no chief minister who went on to become Prime Minister, returned for a second term. This is the list of CM to PM he showed as proof.

1. Morarji Desai was CM of Bombay State and became PM in 1977 but he was never re-elected as PM.

2. Charan Singh was CM of Uttar Pradesh who became PM in 1979 but he did not get re-elected as PM.

3. VP Singh was CM of Uttar Pradesh who became PM in 1989 but the Mandal and Mandir politics and Janata Dal internal disputes ensured he never got a second term. 

4. PV Narasimha Rao was CM of Andhra Pradesh who became PM in 1991 but he lost the 1996 election and never became PM again.

5. HD Deve Gowda was CM of Karnataka who became PM in 1996 but it has been 22 years since he was replaced as PM but he is yet to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. 

Now you know what the conclusion is being arrived at for 23 May. That Narendra Modi who was CM of Gujarat and became PM in 2014 will not return as PM for a second term.

If the Exit poll numbers hold, Modi will break this record on Thursday

What this list ignores of course, is that Rajiv Gandhi, Chandrasekhar and IK Gujral too were Prime ministers without having been CMs and did not return for a second term either.

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