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Chiranjeevi makes his resentment towards Vijayshanti public

It was meant to be a Mahesh Babu show but Chiranjeevi turned the event into a Chiru-Vijayashanti flashback. At the pre-release function of Sarileru Neekevvaru in Hyderabad on Sunday, Chiranjeevi got together with his heroine of over 20 films, Vijayshanti after several years. And the Megastar made use of the occasion to express his resentment at some harsh words spoken by `Lady Amitabh’ about him when he was in active politics.

“How could you?” Chiranjeevi kept on asking Vijayshanti, reminding her that she was his heroine. On her part, Vijayshanti too insisted that he was always her hero but in politics, duty comes first. The charm quotient was fully turned on, by both senior actors.

During the Telangana movement, the two actors had found themselves on either side of the regional divide. At that time, Vijayshanti had criticised Chiranjeevi and other Telugu film personalities for not supporting the movement. She dismissed Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) as “Paniki Rani Party” (worthless party). 

“Cinema makes you love people while politics divides,” Chiranjeevi said, subtly underlining that his moving away from the political arena was for good. But despite Chiranjeevi’s efforts to make Vijayshanti realise the negativity created by her utterances, the actress seemed rather unmoved by the Megastar’s gesture and had an amused look throughout. 

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