How the Cyberabad police cracked the pre-planned vet murder case

The plot to sexually assault the 27-year-old veterinary doctor was hatched more than three hours before the gang of four approached her around 9 pm. It was a well-planned crime. Unknown to the doctor, the accused had kept an eye as she parked her two-wheeler at the toll plaza around 6 pm. Over alcohol, they plotted how they will trap her.

Preliminary interrogation of Mohammed Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chenna has revealed that they had decided to derail her ride back home by deflating the tyre of her two-wheeler. While Areef and Chenna are lorry drivers, Shiva and Naveen are cleaners. All four are aged between 20 and 26 years and hail from Makthal mandal of Narayanpet district in Telangana. 

Accused number 3 Naveen put the plan into action by deflating the tyre. When the doctor noticed it, Areef approached her, offering to help get it repair through his cleaner, Shiva. His demeanor and body language did not make the vet comfortable. She was to convey the same to her sister over phone, telling her strangers were helping her and that she was feeling scared. 

Subsequently Areef, Naveen and Chenna forcibly took her inside the compound. The compound had a wall that prevented view from outside. According to the Cyberabad police that cracked this case within 48 hours, all of them sexually assaulted her taking turns. 

Areef forcibly closed her mouth and nose, leading to her death. Then they put her body in the lorry cabin. Two of them tried to procure petrol to burn the body. They wrapped the body in a blanket and set it on fire using the petrol near Shadnagar. They dumped the two-wheeler near Kothur.

The police managed to crack the case using CCTV images and human and technical intelligence and eyewitnesses at petrol bunks. 

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  1. Cracked the case!…wow great…why did it happen is the bigger question not the accolades for ‘cracking’ it so fast.
    These men were under influence of alcohol…where did they get it from… probably the now freely available everywhere in Telengana. Was Telengana made for this and the various free goodies being dished out.?
    Never has we seen so many wine shops around. The road from saket colony to Radhika crossroads near A.S Rao nagar has three to four wine shops in a span of 5 kms! There are flicked by people and late evenings u can see a a gathering in open invariably in the backyard of these shops. Further , there is one on the high tension road…it’s a three floored wine cum bar and night club…looks shady …but all of these bang in residential areas!!!…one is just 50 Mrs away from a college(Anish degree college)….How and why were such permits given. That too in residential areas!???
    These are hubs where it’s just a matter of time before something unfortunate happens…the police better wake up to this now rather than cracking cases later.


  2. Please all of us have to understand prevention is better than cure, Ban Alcohol and smoking which are killing the society morally and ethically, please give moral education to children, please adopt some good ways of life like meditation, heartfulness.org which i follow and a good one and many more are there, please let’s not let our people and country die like this in culture


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