Andhra Pradesh

Kodela Sivaprasad Rao’s death : Relative alleges murder

In a dramatic twist, Kodela Sivaprasad Rao’s relative K Sai has asked the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana police of investigating a murder angle in the former Assembly Speaker’s death. Accusing Rao’s son Kodela Sivaram of harassing his father, he lodged a formal complaint with the Sattenapalli DSP within hours of the TDP leader’s demise. 

“A few days back, I received 2-3 calls from my uncle from his own number in which he spoke of Sivaram’s behaviour. This case should not be investigated as a suicide case but as a murder case and I say Sivaram is responsible for this,” Sai told reporters in Guntur. 

Sai also raised doubts over why Rao was rushed to the cancer hospital instead of other hospitals which were in the vicinity of the residence. 

But the TDP points out that Sivaram is not even in the country and that he is in Kenya. Party sources also forwarded earlier photographs of Sai with YSRCP cadre in order to point out that his allegations could well be politically motivated.

If the police investigates Sai’s claim, it will mean the Kodela family will wash its dirty linen in public. Observers feel much of this mud-slinging may also have to do with the large number of properties in Kodela Sivaprasad Rao’s name. If this serious allegation has been made at the behest of TDP’s rival, it will be a pointer to how low politics has fallen in Andhra Pradesh.

Sivaram has been in trouble with the authorities after 32 pieces of furniture that Sivaprasad Rao diverted out of the Andhra Pradesh assembly were found at his motor showroom in Guntur. The Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation also lodged a police complaint against him for allegedly stealing 30 laptops and a printer from a Rural Skill Development Centre in Sattenapalli in 2018. 

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