Telangana’s Carrot and Stick Policy : Grow what we say or else …

It is literally the Carrot and Stick policy in Telangana where the government will now decide what crop each farmer grows in the state. Failure to fall in line would deprive the farmer of the amount of Rs 10000 that is paid per acre every year under the Rythu Bandhu scheme. 

This would mean that paddy would be cultivated in Telangana in 50 lakh acres. The Telangana Sona variety would be grown in 10 lakh acres. Cotton would occupy 50 lakh acres and red gram in 10 lakh acres. ​Vegetables would be grown in farms that are closer to urban areas to facilitate quick transport and better prices. ​The government will also suggest what vegetable should be grown where. 

​Why does the government want to do this? K Chandrasekhar Rao believe this will benefit the farmers as it will mean the supply matches the demand. ​
“The main reason why farmers are not getting competitive price for their produce is because they are cultivating the same crops. This practise should go,” said KCR. “Produce the commodities that will sell. The government is taking the responsibility and suggesting to farmers what to cultivate for better profit.”

The criticism is that on the ground, this could usher in an Agriculture Inspector Raj as it takes away the powers of a farmer and makes the babu at the village level very powerful. But if the government is able to successfully implement minimum support price as it has done during the Covid19 crisis, it will mean good news for the ryots. But it will also mean greater role and responsibility for the state as it becomes the custodian of every crop blade that is now grown in Telangana.​

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