`Test more and develop testing infrastructure in places outside Hyderabad’

The low testing to identify Corona positive patients by the Telangana government has been a matter of dispute and concern. Prof PL Vishweshwar, Vice President of the Telangana Jana Samithi went to the High court seeking its intervention in the matter.

T S Sudhir of Filter Kaapi Live spoke to PL Vishweshwar.

T S Sudhir : Compared to states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi, Telangana indeed has been testing very few people. That has also reflected in lesser number of cases. Why do you think Telangana has been testing far less number of people than the other states?

PL Vishweshwar : They are reluctant to admit patients. Only after the High court intervened, they started testing more people. That has reflected in more numbers. Monday saw a spike compared to low numbers last few days with 79 people testing positive, all of them from Hyderabad. 

Two, they do not have enough testing facilities, there is less infrastructure. All the testing facilities are available only in Hyderabad. The designated Covid19 hospital – Gandhi hospital – is in Hyderabad. Districts like say Adilabad or Khammam have no facility. With no transport available, how will people travel to Gandhi Hospital? On 14 May, my petition asking for decentralised quality testing facilities is coming up in the High court. We should decentralise like it has been done in Kerala. 

Sudhir : On paper, all these days, it has been looking like Telangana is flattening the curve but it may only be a statistical flattening. Isn’t low testing taking a huge risk?

Vishweshwar : It will blow up in our face. Testing, Testing, Testing is the only option. More so, since wine shops have been reopened and migrants are returning home. The Chief minister behaves as if he is taking good care but I went to the new Coronavirus hospital established in Gachibowli in Hyderabad and named as Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences. There is not a single nurse there. 

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