Andhra Pradesh CMO denies move to shift to Vizag in May

Ever since the Amaravati Parirakshana Samiti claimed that the Andhra Pradesh government will shift the Executive capital of Andhra Pradesh to Visakhapatnam from Amaravati on 28 May, social media circles have been aflutter. The Samiti representative filed an interim application in the High court seeking an urgent hearing on the matter, while stating that the process of shifting furniture to Vizag had begun.

A senior bureaucrat in the Chief Minister’s office however, has denied any such move. Speaking to Filter Kaapi Live, he said there is no decision to shift to Vizag on 28 May. Even in the court, the government in its affidavit reiterated its commitment that it would not take any steps to move the capital until the state Legislature passed the bill relating to the decentralisation of administration and the repeal of the AP Capital Region Development Authority Act. 

But that has not prevented the chatter from doing the rounds. One version has it that Jaganmohan Reddy wishes to move cities in the wake of the LG Polymers gas leak that left 11 dead. The idea, the buzz claims, is to reassure the people of Vizag that all is well. It is also claimed that Jagan will operate out of Greyhounds Complex in Vizag. 

But given that the Andhra Pradesh administration is in the midst of handling the Covid 19 pandemic, a shift of the administrative structure would only unsettle the efforts to control the situation. 

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