Kerala `bandh' over Corona

This is a bandh with a difference. Kerala has decided to shut down its movie theatres, schools, colleges, tutorial classes till 31 March. With 14 active cases of Covid 19, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has embarked on a `Better Safe Than Sorry’ approach. While annual exams for all classes will go on as scheduled, Lord Ayyappa devotees planning to go to Sabarimala have been advised to put off their pilgrimage for now. 

This shutdown has shocked the Malayalam film industry that would stare at huge losses. It will now have to look at postponing March releases, negotiating fresh with financiers or may be even look at digital release of films. 

While Telangana and Tamil Nadu have said there are zero positive cases in their state now, footfalls in theatres will be much less in the coming days.

CBSE has already allowed students to wear masks while writing their exams and it is important that other boards also allow the same. But it will be more important to ensure students and invigilators are encouraged to wash their hands with soap before they sit for the exam and are allowed to carry sanitisers with them. Care needs to be taken to ensure the benches where they sit to write their exam are cleaned well.  

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