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Venkatesh as Naarappa has nailed the Asuran look 

Venkatesh has put doubts to rest. Many were not sure if the Telugu superstar would be able to reprise the tough role that Dhanush played in `Asuran’ with its shade of caste politics. The first look posters featuring Venkatesh who plays the lead in the Telugu remake `Naarappa’ were put out by nephew Rana Daggubati and the actor has clearly nailed it. 

The Dhanush look has been copied to the last hair in the beard but it must be said that Venkatesh who largely has had an urban image for a large part of his acting career, looks magnificent in the dishevelled makeover. If Sreekanth Addala who has been chosen by producer Suresh Babu to helm the project can do justice to this complicated revenge drama, Naarappa will be one of the landmark films in Venkatesh’s career.  

The shooting for the film has begun and Priyamani has been reportedly cast as Venkatesh’s wife in the movie. Veteran Tamil producer K Thanu who produced Asuran, is also presenting the Telugu version.

Suresh Babu had revealed to Filter Kaapi in November about the details of the movie and the approach that was planned. Watch interview here.

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