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I love being called `Mallu Arjun’, says the Stylish Star

“I love being called Mallu Arjun,” gushes Allu Arjun, the moment you mention Kerala and the adulation he receives in the southernmost state of India. 

“I think it is the women fans in Kerala who are responsible for this stardom,” says Allu Arjun. The Stylish star of Telugu cinema is quite a rage and a phenomenon in Kerala, despite not knowing the language and not having done a straight Malayalam film so far. It is a rarity for a Telugu actor to have a Malayalam theatrical release on the day his Telugu film also releases. 

It helps that his Sankranti release `Ala Vaikunthapuramulo’ has senior Malayalam actor Jayaram as one of Arjun’s co-stars. Arjun denies it was a deliberate attempt to woo the Malayalam audience.

“It was not planned that way, it just happened. But now that he is in the movie, it will help us get a better opening in the Kerala market,” says Allu Arjun whose father Allu Aravind has produced the movie. 

Arjun brings tremendous energy, a lot of style and dancing prowess to the table – aspects which the Malayalee audience seems to have fallen in love with. He burst on the Kerala theatre scene in 2006 with the dubbed version of `Arya’. What followed was mass adulation, especially the younger Malayalee lot. 

What was different about Arjun was that earlier Telugu films dubbed into Tamil were released in the Kerala market. But here was an actor whose Malayalam dubbed versions were now finding ready and enthusiastic takers. 

Now Arjun who even has a fans association in Kerala, wants to do a straight Malayalam film provided he gets the right script in keeping with his commercial entertainer image. 

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