With police custody likely today, security concerns for accused in Disha case

To say that the Cyberabad police is on tenterhooks would be an understatement. On Wednesday, the Shadnagar court is expected to grant police custody of the four gangrape and murder accused. The police have sought ten days custody because it says it got very little time to interrogate the accused and take them to the twin scenes of crime – near Thondapally toll plaza and the bridge where the body was set ablaze – to reconstuct it. 

The challenge would be to bring the accused to the Shadnagar police station. On Saturday, huge protests erupted outside the police station by political activists and civil society groups, making it difficult for the cops to transport the accused to the Cherlapally central prison. 

Senior police officers of the Cyberabad commissionerate have been making requests to mediapersons not to report from the location to avoid protesters who create a commotion only for the TV cameras. There is a serious security concern as the police station is located right on the main road and police deployment has to be tight to ensure the security cordon is not breached.

In light of the demands for public lynching even from Parliamentarians, the police do not want to take any chances and it is quite possible that the place of interrogation will not be the Shadnagar police station and instead be an undisclosed location.  

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