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Ram Gopal Varma's KRKR won't release on 29 November

One of the questions I asked Ram Gopal Varma when I met him on Monday, was if the Censor certification would happen in time. Like with most other things, he was not unduly worried about it.

But on Thursday, the Censor Board refused to be hurried into clearing the movie and Varma has had to postpone Kamma Rajyam lo Kadapa Reddlu (now re-titled Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddlu) by a week.

RGV asked the Telangana High court to direct the CBFC to expedite the process but the bench refused to do so. 

There have been other issues too. A petition was filed in the court objecting to the KRKR title, alleging it was casteist. Again it burst Varma’s assertion that the film was not casteist. He changed the title that takes away the direct punch he was seeking to make on the caste angle to the two main parties in Andhra Pradesh. KA Paul too has legally objected to how a character based on him has been projected in the movie.

Expect the next one week to be crucial because it is quite possible that the Censor Board may object to the manner in which he has lampooned prominent politicians in the film. KRKR shows Chandrababu Naidu to be a scheming politician out to foment trouble in Andhra Pradesh while son Nara Lokesh is ridiculed every other moment and projected as an embarrassment. 

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