Cops were deciding on jurisdiction while Hyderabad vet was in trouble

“Welcome to People-Friendly police, Telangana police” is the ringtone of every police officer in the state police, sung in an exuberant male voice. If what the family of the 27-year-old veterinary doctor went through on the intervening night of November 27-28 is anything to go by, it does not qualify to be called “people-friendly” by a mile.

At 9:22 pm, the doctor had spoken to her sister telling her that her two-wheeler had got punctured and that she was feeling scared by the strangers who had offered to help. The family was worried when they discovered that her phone was subsequently switched off. They waited till midnight after which they decided to approach the police for help. The attitude of the cops was anything but helpful. 

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At the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport police station, the cops made no attempt to check out the spot where she had last contacted her sister. All they did was to check the CCTV footage and ask the sister the write out a complaint. 

The sister told Times Now that the RGIA police station cops then realised that the place where the doctor had gone missing did not come under their purview and asked the sister to go to the Old police station to file the complaint. By this time, it was around 2:30 am. When she went to the second police station, they too claimed this was not part of their jurisdiction. Valuable time was lost in deciding this without moving a limb to locate the doctor. 

The doctor’s mother also told NTV Telugu channel that the sub-inspector’s initial reaction to the missing person complaint was that she must have gone off with someone.

On their part, the cops say that most complaints of missing girls usually are cases of elopement and that would have resulted in that kind of an irresponsible response by the inspector. 

The body was found in a charred condition with 70 per cent burns early on Thursday morning near Shadnagar.

The question that arises is why didn’t the RGIA PS alert the patrol vehicle nearest to the toll plaza spot to check around the place. 

Why did the police waste valuable time in red tape?

How can anyone ask a family, extremely worried for their daughter, to go from PS to PS just to do the paperwork? 

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