Is bus strike in Telangana a plot to destabilise KCR govt?

It is rather strange for an affidavit filed by a senior IAS officer to include content that is distinctly political. That is what has happened with Sunil Sharma’s affidavit in the Telangana High court. Sharma is the Managing Director (incharge) of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) and his affidavit claimed that RTC union leaders seemed to have gone on strike, working in league with opposition leaders with the aim of destabilising the Telangana government. He had argued that the court should therefore declare the strike illegal, which the court has refused to do so far.

As Filter Kaapi had written before, this is in sync with what chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao believes. (read story here) That there is a plot by the Congress and BJP leaders along with RTC union leaders to create unrest in Telangana by going on strike. Which is why KCR has not budged an inch, refusing to blink even though the strike is now 44 days old. 

The Congress has asked for proof for this allegation. Calling it baseless and demanding to know who instructed Sharma to make this allegation in the affidavit, PCC chief and MP Uttam Kumar Reddy has asked the High court to take cognisance of this serious charge. Reddy also plans to complain to the Government of India against Sharma, since he is an all-India services officer. 

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