Andhra Pradesh

We will empty your TDP house soon, BJP leader warns Chandrababu Naidu

After a lull, the BJP is back to eyeing the Telugu Desam. Party MLC Somu Veerraju today taunted Chandrababu Naidu, telling the former chief minister not to worry too much about his 23 MLAs. 

“A lot of sitting MLAs as well as ex-MLAs are trying to join the BJP since the party is growing from strength to strength. TDP will soon become empty even though Chandrababu Naidu is trying to prevent it. Do not work too hard to retain the 23 MLAs, we are going to take them away,” said Veerraju.

The comments assume significance in light of MLA from Visakhapatnam district Ganta Srinivasa Rao meeting Ram Madhav in Delhi last week. (pic below). Earlier Gannavaram legislator Vamsi Vallabhaneni had quit the party and resigned as MLA, reducing the strength of the TDP in the Andhra Pradesh assembly.

In June, four TDP Rajya Sabha MPs had crossed over to the BJP. They included two confidants of Naidu – CM Ramesh and YS Chowdary. 

The BJP would need to poach on at least 16 MLAs in order to avoid the anti-defection law. Interestingly, the BJP does not have a single MLA in the current House. 

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