Andhra Pradesh

English Medium controversy : Jagan refers to Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages

Ever since the YSR Congress government in Andhra Pradesh decided to introduce English medium in government schools, opposition parties have been raising a stink, terming it discrimination against the mother tongue, that is the Telugu language. Pawan Kalyan went to the extent of asking Jaganmohan Reddy of learning from K Chandrasekhar Rao.

On Monday, Jagan used the National Education Day to hit back at his political critics. He asked Chandrababu Naidu in which language medium school was his son Nara Lokesh educated and what were his plans for his grandson Devaansh. He posed a similar counter to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. His intention was to expose their hypocrisy, to tell the people that while these leaders did not prefer Telugu medium schools for their children, they wanted those studying in government schools not to embrace English. 

When it came to Pawan Kalyan, Jagan got a tad more personal. He referred to the actor’s three wives and wondered which medium school were his four or five children studying in. 

“He has three wives and must be having four or five children. I want to ask in which medium are you educating them in,” asked the CM. 

That led to an uproar on social media from Jana Sena activists and Pawan’s fans. The Jana Sena chief is expected to retort while he is touring Vijayawada on Tuesday. 

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