Tamil Nadu

Rajinikanth junks efforts to saffronise him, denies plan to join BJP

The last time Rajinikanth had been so emphatic perhaps was on 31 December 2017, when he said his entry into politics is certain. Today, he slammed the door on the BJP, making it clear that he will not get trapped in the attempts to saffronise him. If you hear Rajini’s statement along with the bombastic laughter that he followed it with, this can be taken as one of the most powerful political punch dialogues he has dished out. 

The pointed question put to Rajinikanth was about Pon Radhakrishnan of the BJP meeting the Superstar and inviting him to join the party. Rajini’s blunt refusal nips in the bud the speculation over how the BJP leadership plans to prop up the actor in Tamil Nadu as its face ahead of the 2021 assembly elections. 

Along with pouring cold water over the attempts, Rajini also mentioned the attempts to saffronise Thiruvalluvar, the famous Tamil poet and philosopher. Over the past few days, there have been attempts by Hindu right-wing groups to own Thiruvalluvar by draping him in saffron colours. While describing the controversy over it as silly, Rajinikanth said even Thiruvalluvar did not get caught by the attempt to saffronise him. 

Rajinikanth spent the morning in the company of close friend Kamal Haasan, also an actor-politician. The saffron comment was significant because two years ago, Kamal had said saffron was not his colour.

The pictures of the duo together and the subsequent comment by Rajini only led to speculation if the two would stick together in politics like they had done in movies directed by K Balachander.

Earlier Pon Radhakrishnan had described Rajinikanth as bold and knowledgeable and said he would be glad if he embraced the BJP.

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