Andhra Pradesh

Jagan rewards Chandrababu Naidu’s relative

Remember Lakshmi Parvati whose marriage to NT Rama Rao in 1993 created political ripples in Andhra Pradesh, culminating in the infamous August 1995 coup by Chandrababu Naidu in which NTR was deposed. Parvati, who is now with the YSR Congress party, has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Telugu Academy.

Parvati whose direct entry into politics in the 1996 elections came a cropper, has run a one-point political campaign for over two decades – to see Naidu’s downfall. Having seen the Telugu Desam decimated to just 23 seats in the Andhra Pradesh assembly, she feels her purpose has been achieved.

During the time when Naidu’s rented accommodation was served demolition notice by the YSRCP government, Parvati cheekily offered to crowdfund and build a house for her “son-in-law” using that money. 

During the time that she came into the limelight, Parvati was introduced as someone with a Telugu literary background and also a Harikatha artiste like her former husband Venkata Subba Rao. She came into NTR’s life intending to write his biography. After their marriage, she reportedly wanted to write her Ph.D thesis on NTR. But dramatic political developments that took place through 1994, when NTR stormed back to power,  1995 when he lost power and January 1996 when he passed away, derailed her efforts. 

Earlier this year, Ramgopal Varma presented Lakshmi’s NTR which was seen as the pro-NTR and pro-Lakshmi Parvati version of what happened before and during the 1995 coup effected by Naidu.

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