RTC strike : Pawan wants to meet KCR, Telangana CM does not oblige

When Pawan Kalyan comes calling, doors don’t open always. The Powerstar learnt this bitter lesson when he failed to secure an appointment with Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Not just KCR, even Industries minister and TRS Working president KT Rama Rao and senior leader Keshava Rao did not show an inclination to meet Pawan.

The Jana Sena chief reached out to the three leaders after Telangana RTC union leaders met him, expressing concern over the deadlock in the talks with the government. The strike has been on since 5 October, making it the longest strike in Telangana’s history. The government has dismissed 48000 employees and is not willing to blink first, despite the High court not pleased with its position on the finances of the RTC.

“It seems no one is prepared to talk on the issue hence I cannot meet them,” said Pawan in a statement. He said he will try to meet KCR once again after his long march in Visakhapatnam over the sand shortage issue on Sunday.

This is in contrast to 2018 when KCR hosted Pawan at the CM’s official residence (pic above). The actor had also spent time with KTR in 2017 (pic below). Their refusal to meet Pawan is a clear pointer to the hardening of positions on the strike and the fact that the cabinet meeting on Saturday is expected to take some significant decisions regarding the road transport in Telangana. 

TRS leaders are wary of wading into the RTC issue after Keshava Rao’s experience. The MP initially spoke in favour of mediating between the government and the unions, only to backtrack 24 hours later.

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