Andhra Pradesh

Celebrating 1 November as AP Formation Day defies logic

For years, 1 November used to be celebrated on a grand scale as Andhra Pradesh Formation Day. For it was the day the state came into existence in 1956, as part of the reorganisation of state on linguistic lines. 

While the bifurcation of the state in 2014 brought good cheer to Telangana that now celebrates 2 June as its Formation Day, it spoilt the good feeling for Andhra Pradesh. Under Chandrababu Naidu, 1 November lost its significance as a calendar date.

Jaganmohan Reddy is bringing it back and the state will celebrate its formation day for the first time on Friday, with a three-day official celebration in which both the Governor and the CM will take part. This will include cultural programmes, sporting events and food fairs.

But there is a catch. 1 November was the date Andhra Pradesh as it existed before 2014 was formed, with the amalgamation of then Hyderabad state (present-day Telangana) with Andhra state. When that decision itself has been reversed, the question arises if it makes sense to celebrate 1 November as AP Formation Day.

Andhra Pradesh has two other options. One to make 8 June, the day Naidu took over as CM in 2014, as the state Formation Day. During Naidu’s stewardship, his government would observe the day as Nava Nirmana Deeksha Day, an occasion to take a vow to rebuild the state. But Jagan is unlikely to bestow that honour on anything that has anything to do with his predecessor and this year, 8 June passed away without any such fuss.

The other option is to go back further in history to 1 October, the date Telugus got their own Andhra state after being separated from Madras Presidency in 1953. This had followed Potti Sreeramulu’s fast-unto-death while agitating for the formation of a state for the Telugu speaking population in December 1952.

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