Tenali Rama

Uddhav wants 1/2 soup but Devendra refuses to share

By Tenali Rama (Follow @IamTenaliRama on Twitter)

Within days of the NDA tea and soup stall receiving the best eatery award in Maharashtra, differences have broken out between the two managing partners. Tenali Rama has learnt that the dispute arose over what seemed to be an innocuous reason.

“Uddhav and I were having lunch to celebrate the award when his son, Aditya insisted that he will drink half my soup. Now I never like to share my soup with anyone but the kid who had come first at his school in Worli threw a tantrum, refusing to eat till I gave in. He wanted me to drink half the soup and declared he will drink the remaining half. His doting dad walked out of the lunch because I told him the menu for the lunch had been decided by Amit Shah and I will not change it,” Devendra, the senior managing partner of the NDA eatery told Tenali Rama. 

Uddhav however, had a different story to tell. He told Tenali Rama that Devendra had promised Aditya a gift if he came first in school. 

“But now he refuses to give what Aditya wants,” said Uddhav. The claim was refuted by Devendra.  

Since the best eatery award has been bestowed on Devendra and Uddhav jointly, the organising committee at Raj Bhavan is waiting for them to confirm when they will arrive to receive it. But with relations souring, sources Sharad Tea Stall has asked Uddhav to sign up on its app. Its proprietor has offered to let Aditya enjoy the full bowl of soup instead of just half that he was demanding.

Uddhav is reportedly examining the tempting offer. But unlike Devendra’s tomato soup, Sharad Tea stall’s menu has a mixed vegetable soup on offer, with ingredients from Baramati, Wayanad and Rae Bareilly.

Having got wind of the rival eatery’s moves, Devendra is reportedly in touch with 45 chefs who were hired by the HR manager appointed by Uddhav and offered them a better pay scale. Unconfirmed reports also say Sharad Tea Stall’s app may be infected by a xCBIxITxEdx bug. The authorities are also checking on whether too much mirchi has been used to prepare the dishes at Sharad eatery. 

(This is a work of satire)

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