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Compaint against Rana Daggubati for Housefull 4

On 26 October, Hyderabad-based activist Robin Zaccheus watched `Housefull 4′. He was aghast at actor Rana Daggubati’s introduction scene in which he makes fun of US President Donald Trump. 

“He compares him with Donald Duck and in my opinion, demeans him in this manner. I admire President Trump and I thought this promoted hate towards an individual,” Robin Zaccheus told Filter Kaapi. He has now filed a complaint against Daggubati and the producer and writer of Housefull 4, accusing them of derogatory comments and disrespecting the American President. 

But perhaps in keeping with the comic element in Housefull 4, when Zaccheus went to the Neredmet police station to file a complaint, he was asked to do so at Malkajgiri police station. Why? Because he had watched the movie at a theatre in Malkajgiri. As if it was the scene of crime and he had to file a complaint within the same PS limits. 

“I want the police to investigate and the offensive clip to be removed. I am surprised it bypassed the Censor Board,” says Zaccheus.

What this mean is that the investigating officers will have to watch `Housefull 4′ first to understand if Zaccheus’s complaint has merit. 

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