Tenali Rama

BJP divided over use of Kanda in Haryana kitchen cabinet, fears it will stink

By Tenali Rama (Follow @IamTenaliRama on Twitter) 

The BJP is mulling whether or not to purchase Kanda (as onion is referred to in Maharashtra) from the Haryana subzi mandi. While the BJP could manage to get 40 different kinds of vegetables, Kanda is not one of them. Now having realised that clearance by those in charge of the buffet spread at Raj Bhavan may necessitate inclusion of Kanda, one section of the party is rooting for Kanda saying it will also ensure the recipe is just perfect. 

However, another group in the BJP has objected to including Kanda, arguing it is of poor quality. 

“Moreover, this is Deepawali season. We should not use this pungent Kanda at this time. It will just spoil the party. Everyone will criticise us saying the BJP is stinking. Also whoever deals with it will be in tears,” a BJP leader told Tenali Rama.

The finance department of the BJP has also raised objection to the purchase of Kanda, saying it is very expensive. 

“At Rs 80 per kg, can we afford it for 365 days a year for the next five years?” asked a BJP office bearer.

But a powerful section in the party is quite keen to include Kanda in the kitchen cabinet of the BJP in Haryana. 

“Look at the name carefully. KANDA has NDA in it which shows the affinity with the BJP,” said a Kanda backer. 

Till the time of going to press, chefs JP Nadda and ML Khattar were looking at other options to see if they could cook up a meal without using Kanda.

(This is a work of satire. Inspired by a tweet by Aunindyo Chakravarty)

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