Tenali Rama

The Great Festival Sale begins in Haryana, rush to buy White goods

By Tenali Rama (Follow @IamTenaliRama on Twitter)

Flipkart and Amazon have announced a special Great Festival Sale in Haryana. Following a hung election verdict, market analysts at the two e-retail platforms have predicted there will be a rush for buying and selling of loyalties. 

“Yes, it is Dhanteras on Friday but in Haryana, I am sure we will see an unprecedented sale of White goods. We give a five-year warranty on these specific white goods on condition that they should not flip and change their brand name during this period,” said a Flipkart representative. 

“We are giving amazing offers on our platform. If you are willing to use your purchase in a ministry, you can walk away with a steal. There will be discounts on the buy price in that case,” said an Amazon manager.  

Keeping in view the unprecedented demand for this limited period offer, the Card and Cash-on-Delivery options have been disabled

“Yes. We cannot take a risk in view of the rush. Cash has to be paid upfront before taking delivery. To make your purchase a memorable moment, we have made arrangements for your photograph to be clicked with your possession along with garland and sweets as well,” a store manager told Tenali Rama.

A horse breeder in Chandigarh has however, frowned upon this craze to hoard white goods. 

“Purchase of these white goods is always risky because many times they are of poor quality and don’t give any after sales service. I recommend to put money in bulk horse trading so that your establishment can be stable,” said the horse breeder. 

(This is a work of satire)

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