Revanth Reddy’s Pragathi Bhavan act leads to collateral damage

One incident in Hyderabad has created ripples in every important establishment in Telangana. That’s what Congress MP Revanth Reddy has managed to achieve with his protest at Pragathi Bhavan, the official residence of the Telangana chief minister, over the RTC issue.

First, the CM. The government was clear that under no circumstances, Revanth Reddy was to be allowed anywhere near the CM’s residence. So while extra layers of security were added to the CM’s home, cops were also posted at Revanth Reddy’s home to ensure he could not step out. Revanth has been one of K Chandrasekhar Rao’s most fierce critics and the CM does not particularly appreciate any media traction for the TDP-turned-Congress leader. 

But Reddy managed to dodge the police and get to Pragathi Bhavan in full glare of cameras. The axe has fallen on Narasimha Reddy, Asifnagar ACP who was tasked with the job of ensuring Revanth Reddy was confined to his home. The cop has been asked to report to the DGP’s office and disciplinary action against Narasimha Reddy is likely. 

The police have also booked a case against Revanth, accusing him of assault to prevent a public servant from doing his duty.

Incidentally, the other Congress leaders are unhappy with Revanth Reddy hogging the limelight and claim the plan was not discussed within the party. That’s a strange argument to make because most senior Congress leaders were detained at home, essentially to ensure they did not participate in the gherao Pragathi Bhavan plan. The crab mentality of the Telangana Congress leaders is the biggest ally for KCR, with most of them not willing to let Revanth Reddy occupy a leadership position. When it was almost certain in August that he could become the PCC chief, the Congress old-timers lobbied with Delhi to kill the plan.

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