Out-of-the-box solution to prevent copying in exam lands Karnataka college in trouble

Out of the box while being in the Box !

Thinking out of the box has landed a private college in Haveri in Karnataka in trouble. The Bhagat Pre-University college management had forced students to wear cardboard boxes during the mid-term exams on 16 October for 34 second year students. A hole was made in the front for the student to see only his/her answer paper. 

The exam that day was Chemistry but the college seems to have got its formula for preventing copying and talking among students wrong. The authorities were not amused and asked the college management to justify their action. It was deemed to be inhuman and treating students like criminals. The college has been issued a notice.

Karnataka Education minister Suresh Kumar was not amused and wrote on his Facebook page : “This is totally unacceptable. Nobody has the right to treat anybody, more so students, like animals. This perversion will be dealth with aptly.”

Incidentally, the same technique to prevent copying was used at a high school in Mexico last month. A teacher was suspended after the incident.

In fact, if the college wanted to prevent cheating, there are many other ways of doing so. This video would have helped them find out.

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