Huzurnagar bypoll : Left party takes a U-turn in Telangana

The Communist Party of India has backed off from its earlier promise to support the TRS in the byelection in Huzurnagar. The assembly constituency in Telangana will vote on 21 October. This comes after the K Chandrasekhar Rao government’s decision to sack 48000 employees of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) and make it appear like they have “dismissed themselves” by not reporting back to work. 

Background : Why did CPI support TRS?

CPI’s initial decision itself had taken many by surprise because it was part of the anti-TRS group in the December 2018 assembly elections. It broke ranks from the Congress to support the TRS. Now it faces the embarrassment of either going back to the Congress or stay neutral.

Must read : The TV anchor who is now a candidate in Huzurnagar

The TRS had wooed the CPI to split the opposition ranks as well as hope to gain from the few thousand votes the Left party has in Huzurnagar. in 2018, the TRS candidate Saidi Reddy had lost to Uttam Kumar Reddy of the Congress by about 7000 votes. The bypoll was necessitated after Uttam Reddy was elected to the Lok Sabha. His wife Padmavathi is the Congress candidate this time against Saidi Reddy (in pic to the right). 

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