RTC strike : Telangana govt warns schools, junior colleges not to teach

The Government of Telangana cannot get its act together. The students of Telangana bear the brunt. Yet again. 

With the RTC strike in the state affecting transport and the government either in no mood to resolve the issue or unable to reach a meeting point with the striking unions, schools and colleges have been told to extend the Dasara vacation till 20 October. What the government does not realise is that starting October, it is time for students for start preparing for the Boards and various competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. To upset the academic schedule because it cannot provide the infrastructure is irresponsible. 

What’s worse, education department officials have warned schools that conduct classes that they will lose recognition if they violate government orders. 

It is the same education department that bungled earlier this year with the marking of exam papers of Intermediate students, resulting in 27 students committing suicide. With one in every three students already failing in the Intermediate years (classes 11 and 12) in Telangana, forcible shutting is the last thing the government should encourage junior colleges to do. On the contrary, the government should go out of its way to ensure students are able to reach their educational institutions. To ask them to shut down forcibly is akin to washing its hands off any responsibility. 

Certain Hyderabad-based activists have taken it upon themselves to identify and target schools that are still holding classes. This is irresponsible activism. Will they take responsibility if the teachers are unable to complete the syllabus on time? 

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