No festival cheer for TSRTC’s sacked employees as commuters pay double fare

Many have hailed K Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision to sack 48000-odd employee of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) in one stroke, calling it a refusal to give in to blackmail. Others have called it insensitive and a ploy to make the employees look the villain of the piece when it is the Telangana government that has consistently looked the other way while TSRTC’s losses mounted. 

What has been the impact on the ground as a result of this strike. Filter Kaapi brings you the top five developments.

1.  The government has warned conductors not to charge even one rupee more but autorickshaws and private vehicles are making a killing, charging double the usual tariff. 

2. The TSRTC has not yet disbursed the salary for the month of September when the 48000 employees worked. They were on duty till 4 October. They rue it was a black Dussehra for them, with no celebration.

3. TSRTC employees have also found to their shock that the corporation-run hospitals are no longer willing to entertain them since they are not deemed to be employees any more. This despite not getting a showcause notice or termination letter till now. 

4. Opposition parties are meeting on Thursday and are mulling calling for a Telangana bandh to lend support and political muscle to the TSRTC strike. They are also planning to submit a memorandum to Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan. 

5. The CPI that extended its support to the TRS in the Huzurnagar byelection is now reconsidering its decision. The communist party is supporting the strike and is also opposed to the privatisation of TSRTC. In such circumstances, it will be embarrassing for the CPI to be seen by the side of the ruling party. 

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