Andhra Pradesh

Social media rivalry between TDP and YSRCP goes from bad to worse

The photoshop industry continues to play its ugly role in the war over social media between the Telugu Desam and the YSR Congress. After Chandrababu Naidu complained about abusive posts in social media against him, now the YSRCP has complained about the TDP offensive on its social media platforms. The ruling party in Andhra Pradesh has complained to the DGP Gautam Sawang. 

In their complaint, three YSRCP legislators have accused Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh, who is also TDP general secretary, of “encouraging people to post such demeaning comments and material”. 

“TDP top leadership has employed people and provided them work stations at multiple locations including Hyderabad, with the sole duty to post highly defamatory postings using abusive language and cycle it continuously besides carrying comments on the posts,” says the complaint, demanding stern action against the perpetrators. 

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Last week, Naidu had accused the state police of being biased and harassing TDP cadre by filing cases against them for their social media posts.

“The police is acting in a partial  manner. If our cadre posts something on social media, they are arresting them but they are taking no action for the complaints against Jagan supporters,” said Naidu, warning that his party would take legal action against the police. The former CM had alleged that a malicious social media campaign with character assassination as its main weapon was being unleashed by the YSRCP.

In August, a person Sekhar Chowdhary was arrested after it was discovered that this paid actor was used to pose as a common man and berate the Jagan government’s handling of the flood situation on social media clips. In September, both parties had accused each other of generously using photoshop to make the leader of the rival party look extremely bad. 

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