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Chennai’s Most Wanted : WIND

By Tenali Rama (Follow @IamTenaliRama)

Senior AIADMK leader C Ponnaiyan, in a television interview to News7, has said it is the wind that is to blame for forcing the banner to fall on Subasri and causing her death on 12 September in Chennai. When the banner fell on the young techie, she lost balance on the two-wheeler she was riding and fell and a water tanker ran over her.

“If there is anyone to be booked, it is the wind,” said Ponnaiyan.

However, despite Ponnaiyan identifying the accused, the Chennai police has been unable to pinpoint the wind that was responsible for blowing the banner away. 

“The wind has been absconding which is why it is so sultry in Chennai now. We are trying to ascertain with the help of meteorological experts if it was the North-easterly wind or south-westerly wind. Our database has not shown up any previous crime history by Wind. We have asked citizens of Chennai to alert us if they spot wind anywhere,” a spokesperson of Chennai police told Tenali Rama.

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The AIADMK leadership impressed by Ponnaiyan’s argument, is contemplating moving a resolution in the Tamil Nadu assembly, condemning wind for negligence while blowing. 

“All the windmills in Tamil Nadu were erected during the DMK regime. That establishes that the party and wind are in league with each other,” said an AIADMK spokesperson.

However, the BJP has opposed any move to blame the wind for the tragedy.

“Wind is Vaayu bhagwaan, who is the spiritual father of Lord Hanuman. We will not tolerate any such insult to the most ardent bhakt of Lord Ram. Ponniyan is full of hot air,” said a BJP leader. 

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Actor-politician Kamal Haasan has slammed the AIADMK for blaming it on the wind. In a Tamil tweet, he seemed to link Subasri’s death to climate change. At least, that is what most people understood.

“Is wind a child in diapers? Will it not know when to blow and when not to blow? The ashes are already blown away. Environmental protection is a must particularly that of lakes. We must all, like Greta Thunberg ask the AIADMK “How dare you?” and ensure climate change does not lead to such accidents. Come, join hands,” the translation of his tweet said. 

(This is a work of satire)

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