Andhra Pradesh

Seven Kurnool cops watch Sye Raa’s first day first show, face music

You cannot be a policeman in Andhra Pradesh and an ardent Chiranjeevi fan at the same time. That’s what seven young sub-inspectors in Kurnool district discovered to their dismay on 2 October, when the Megastar’s 151th and most ambitious movie till date, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy released.

The policemen reportedly bunked duty to see the early morning show at a theatre in Koilakuntla. They left proof of their day out by posting a photograph on social media as well. It came to the notice of the Kurnool SP who was irked that the cops had neither sought permission nor had taken leave for the day. This on a day when Gandhi Jayanti coincided with the inauguration of village secretariat offices in every part of the state and needed every possible boot on the ground. 

The SP has ordered an inquiry and it is more than likely that after enjoying Chiranjeevi’s moves on the big screen, the SIs will now face the music.

It has not helped matters that those in Kurnool were particularly excited about the movie as the period film revolving around the life of freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy is set in the region. Names of places in Kurnool figure in the movie, establishing a connect with the audience. In fact, Koilakuntla where they saw the movie is where Narasimha Reddy was beheaded for revolting against the British in 1847, exactly a century before India became independent. 

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